Another 5 Star Zillow Premier Agent Review

Another 5 Star Zillow ReviewOnce again John Sposato of the Arizona Home Group has be given another another 5 Star Zillow Premier Agent Review from a Buyer who he has been in touch with for the past 9 years.  John knows how to keep in touch and send the most updated information to customers no matter what their time frame to buy or sell a home in Scottsdale and the surrounding metro area.

“I can’t recommend John Sposato and the team at AHG highly enough (in this case as buyer’s agent). We just completed a purchase today that has been at least 9 years in the works. After several trips down and looking at dozens of properties, we finally bought our first vacation home. We were not able to stay and finish the deal, but John and his colleague, Terry Robinson, handled everything to perfection. Throughout the process we were kept informed. They conducted their affairs in a professional and pleasant manner. Not only would we use them on any subsequent transaction there, more than ever we now consider John a friend. Well done!”


Home Buyers: How to Avoid Having Your Deal Fall Apart

Before you even begin looking for a home, be sure to get a credit report. Knowing your credit score and studying your credit history should be done before starting the home buying process.  If you find errors, fix them.

Find out how much you can afford to borrow.   Prequalifying for a mortgage is an important step in the home-buying process.  Prequalification tells you how much you can borrow and the top purchase price you can pay.

Do not make any major purchases before closing. Mortgage preapproval is only the beginning of the home-buying deal. The bank will run your credit score before sending a commitment letter and before closing, so avoid making big purchases that change your debt-to-income ratio.

Know how much the house is worth.  This is where an experienced Buyer Representative will make all the difference in advising you when your purchase offer price will be more than it will appraise for.  Almost every city in the U.S. has seen the value of homes decrease due to the high foreclosures and short sales activity.  As a result, many borrowers’ deals fall apart because loan applicants offer a higher purchase price than the home’s appraised value. In this situation, applicants who still want to purchase the home must pay the difference and wind up with negative equity, or back out of the deal.  Save yourself time and emotional stress and know what the home is worth before writing an offer.

Time is of the essence.  Timeliness is critical in getting your loan deal approved.  When asked to supply additional documentation, provide it immediately. Any delays can end up costing thousands of dollars if your locked in rate expires and the new rate is higher.  

Know all financing options available to you.  A qualified lender will advise you to all the options available to you.   You may be eligible for federally-backed programs with the Federal Housing Administration or Veteran’s Affairs with low interest rates and little to no down payment requirements.

Review loan documents. Take the time to read all the documents thoroughly.

Today’s lending environment is one that makes the road to obtaining approval for a loan a long one.  To make it a little less long and less stressful, follow the tips we have provided.  If you need our recommendation of an expert Lender, click here.

Bottom Line: Use a 5 Star Zillow Premier Agent

Using a 5 Star Premium Zillow Agent like John Sposato will help you through the entire home buying or home selling experience.  Experience Matters.  Using a 5 Star Zillow Premier Agent can be the difference between losing a deal or closing successfully.

Check out John Sposato’s Track Record with BUYERS & SELLERS!